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Columbus Day And Your Pet

The day that commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus into the New World is approaching fast and what’s a better way to celebrate it than a well-deserved outdoor stint with your pet.

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February is National Cat Health Month

We all know that February is the month of love. It is that time of the year when we take the time off our busy schedules and spend some quality time with our loved ones. In similar tandem, it is only fair if you extend the same 'agape' love to your kitty friend. And no,…
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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Christmas Tree

Are you getting ready for the hectic holiday season? We are, and if you’re like us, getting a Christmas tree is a top priority and has been a holiday tradition for ages. And if you have a cat, well, keep in mind that the tree makes a tempting target for many mischievous cats out there.…
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Heat Stroke & Your Cat

Heat Stroke and Your Cat We are in the height of the summer, and don’t let it slip your mind that your cats can be affected by the heat just like dogs can be. During the hottest days of the year make certain to keep your feline friend in mind and comfortable this summer. Every…
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5 Questions to Ask at Your Cat’s Next Veterinarian Exam

It is important to ask your veterinarian the list of questions below at least once a year, as answers may change from year to year. Write it down and bring the list with you so that once your veterinarian is done explaining things you can look at your list to see if he or she…
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Adopt a Cat Month – Top 5 Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat

Cats are very independent, which means that little supervision is needed. Kittens don’t need to learn where to do their business, they come potty trained! Just get your kitten a litter box and it will know what to do. You are saving a life. Over 40% of cats entering shelters are euthanized every year. (…
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