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Here are some things we learned about dogs in 2014

One of the things that makes us fall in love with dogs is their openness – there doesn’t seem to be much mystery to their love of food, fun and people. But that doesn’t mean we know everything from them. Below are some of the things we learned about them in 2014:

  1. Dogs are sensitive to Earth’s magnetism and when they spin around before pooping, it is because they are aligning themselves north/south. Dogs don’t seem to poop east/west!
  2. When dogs “swim”, they are actually running underwater – they use much the same motion to their motion of when trotting on land, a study concluded.
  3. They have the human albino gene, just like humans–this was scientifically proven for the first time last year.
  4. Although we already had a feeling this was the case, in 2014 it was scientifically proven that dogs really do mean stuff with the looks on their faces. They use facial expressions and body language to communicate with us.
  5. Even in Ancient Roman times, puppies got up to mischief. A tile that could be as old as 2,000 years old was found containing paw prints!
  6. Dogs were a pre-historic woman’s best friend, too.


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