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Is Your Pet Secretly Stressed?

Recognizing your cat may be stressed may be difficult, but it is always important.

Stress not only reduces your cat’s quality of life, but there is a link between stress and medical conditions such as bladder disease and behavior problems. Below are some small things you can do to enhance your cat’s quality of life:

  1. Cats love cleanliness, and they do not like to share their litter boxes. The number of litter boxes should be equal to the number of cats in your house. And don’t forget to clean it daily and wash it weekly – your cat will thank you for this.
  2. Scratching is a natural behavior that helps cats relieve stress. Make sure your cat has a scratching post he likes.
  3. Cats do not like to be bothered while they are sleeping, so make sure you have a quiet, cozy place for him to sleep.
  4. Cats love watching birds, fish, etc. The visual stimuli helps them distress. You can supply this visual entertainment by leaving a nature show on TV while your cat is home alone. Your cat may watch it for hours.

Source: Pet Health Network

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