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10 Tips To Being A Responsible Pet Owner

What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner? I’m sure if you asked fifty people, you would get fifty different answers, but the overall outlook would be roughly the same. We want nothing but the best for our fur babies…even if that means restricting them from table scraps, limiting their toys, etc. Here are 10 tips to being a better, more responsible pet owner.

  1. Carefully choose your dog. Don’t purchase a puppy because they are cute. Your dog selection should be based on your lifestyle.
  2. Socialize your dog.  Make sure your pet is socialized and if your dog is a puppy, make sure to socialize them. The goal is to make your puppy comfortable and at ease around other people and animals.
  3. Don’t threaten your dog. Don’t put your dog in a position where it feels threatened or teased.
  4. Train your dog. Basic commands are always a work in progress so don’t think you train them and that’s it. Continue to stimulate Fido’s mind with commands like “sit”, “stay”, “leave it”, “come”, “take nicely”, etc.
  5. Excercise.  Exercise your dog regularly and they will thank you! It will keep them healthy and stimulate them mentally.
  6. Not too much action.  Avoid highly excitable games like wrestling.
  7. Leashes.  Use a leash in public to make sure your dog is controlled at all times. You are in control of your dog and you want that to show to others.
  8. Keep your dog healthy. Make sure your pets vaccinations are ALL up to date. If you can’t remember when your dogs shots where, contact us.
  9. Spay or neuter your dog. If you decide to spay or neuter your dog you have options. Give us a call and discuss your options with us so you can make a decision that is right for you, your family and your dog.
  10. Fence your dog.  If you have a fenced yard, make sure the gates and fence are secure. You don’t want your dog to run out in the street and risk getting hit by a car or even taken. There have been cases of dogs running away and other people taking the pet tag off and keeping it so don’t run risk!

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