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10 Pet Health Tips for the New Year

  1. Yearly veterinarian examinations are as essential to your pet as food and love. On the new year, make a commitment to not wait until your pet is sick before taking him to the veterinarian. Bring your pet in for an examination at least once a year.
  2. Vaccinations – make sure you don’t overlook vaccinating your pets. Immunizations protect our pets from devastating diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.
  3. Screening Tests – Since animals can’t talk and let us know how they are feeling, screening tests are important because they can detect diseases before signs and symptoms develop.
  4. Dental Care – Commit to keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. At least once a year take your pet to the veterinarian for a checkup and cleaning. Also make sure to brush his teeth with toothpaste at home and give him dental chews.
  5. Parasite protection – includes protecting your pet from internal (worms and protozoa) or external (fleas and ticks) parasites.
  6. Microchips – If your pet doesn’t already have one, make sure you get him a microchip. This will guarantee that your pet will be returned home if he ever gets lost.
  7. Spray and Neuter your pet – this has important health benefits for your pet, such as lowering the risk of breast cancer, testicular cancer, and pyometra.
  8. Pet proof your home – check the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s website for a list of the most common poisonous household plants as well as foods and household items that may present a potential hazard to your pet.
  9. Exercise – this is the best way for your pet to stay trim and healthy.
  10. Teach an old dog a new treat – it is important to stimulate your pet’s brain. This can be done by simply giving him interactive toys that stimulate his mind or teaching him a new treat.

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