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Video Ads

Veterinarian AdvertisingVideo is the most powerful media for gaining the trust of and connecting with your potential patients.  We share videos with friends and talk about them long after we’re done watching.  Videos give your potential clients knowledge that you will take good care of their pet, long before you meet the pet owner.  Your video ad gives you the credibility you need to convert potential clients into happy pet owners.

Your video ad will play before appropriate YouTube videos, and may also be suggested in the sidebar of the site’s search and watch pages.  Viewers see your video ads while they’re watching or searching for videos or browsing related web content or suggested videos on sites such as YouTube.  Everyone wins: viewers choose ads that are relevant to them, and you reach people who are ready to hear about your practice. You’ll get increased YouTube traffic, increasing your SERP rating, and visibility in general search engines.

Tabby Cat and VetVetAd will manage your video advertising campaign, from start to finish.  We’ll work with you to get a video ad made, including working on the script for your practice.

Every month, we’ll meet with you to discuss the success of your campaign.  You’ll understand how much further you want to go with your campaign.  You will have quantifiable results of new patients every month, allowing you to know how well your advertising investment is paying off.