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Display Ads

Veterinarian AdvertisingThe Display Ads Service puts you out in the graphic websites, with more impact than traditional text based PPC campaigns.  Your brand, logo, picture of your practice, picture of you, or the look and feel of your website can all be represented in your campaign.  We use existing assets, like your logo, to create an impact-full display ad.  We then make sure those assets work in the 12 different display formats available for advertising inventory.

We ensure your campaign automatically displays ads on pages where potential clients with pets are reading about and researching relevant topics, such as Dog Care, or Kitten Health Topics.  This ensures only people interested in pet care will click on your ad, minimizing wasted clicks.

Cat at the vet

We geo-target your ads so they show up only in locations relevant to your business.  Advertising your local veterinary practice in New York City, while you are in Houston Texas would be a terrible waste of advertising effort.  If you are rural, then people are generally willing to drive upwards of 20-30 miles to visit your practice.  Urban pet owners are less likely to travel that far, so your campaign must target where your clients come from.

Display ads raise awareness, leading potential clients to search for your company more often and recognize your practice.  Your practice is promoted for brand awareness in the display space on websites like