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Advertising Presence

Integrated Marketing Presence

Your presence on the Internet defines how your potential clients and their pets perceive you.  Your Marketing Presence includes your website, your Facebook, and Google+ work in conjunction with each other to provide search engines with the most accurate perspective on what your business does, and who would be looking for your business.

High End Website

Your website represents your veterinary practice to your local community.  It must reveal as much relevant information about your practice as can be provided.  The look, the feel, and the design must compliment your local market and your veterinary brand.  Veterinary Advertising can help you present your business in the best possible light and fit in with your budget.

Thousands of Designs

We have literally thousands of designs to choose from.  We work with you to understand your practice and what you like, then we review up to 2 dozen designs based on your input.  You can change the color scheme at any time from the various designs available.  Only your imagination is between you and having exactly what you want for a website.  As the trends in website design change, so too can your design change, for no extra charge.

Business Domain

A business domain is a unique URL that represents your practice.  It is your brand, and provides a central place for your clients and their pets to regularly find you, and find how you are represented on the Internet.  It connects to all of your presences, from your social networks as well as providing the common place to find out more about your business.  A business domain gives your local business legitimacy, allowing you to have an email address and a website that are consistent with your business brand.

Content Management System

The Content Management System allows you to make changes to the content on your site whenever you want to make them.  It provides an easy to use interface to manage minor changes in your site.  Online training is available behind the scenes to allow you to update content regularly, increasing your SEO rankings by making your site appear more active in the eyes of the major Search Engines.

Branded logo

Bring your own, or have us provide one for you.  We’ll customize your logo so it works well with your new website.

Social Networks

We provide the design for your both Facebook and Google+ so it is consistent with your website.  We provide all integration into all major social networks including; Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and more!

Hosted Email

Using your business domain, your email is hosted allowing you to never worry about the quality of your email service.  Spam filtering is provided as part of the service.  We allow an unlimited number of email addresses, so everyone at your business can have an email address.

Google+ Listing

Have all of your local information found on Google through your Google+ site.  We ensure your listing is accurate and representative so people who find you on Google are able to find your business the first time.

Responsive Design

Your web site is available on both smartphones, and tablet devices including the iPhone and iPad expanding the reach of your marketing presence to the devices people are actually using.  Make sure to be found on all mobile devices, where your local business needs to be found in the last minute.  Beat your competition for local business by providing a mobile ready site when your customers need it, when they are ready to make a purchase.

Support and Training

Support and training are provided both live and on line.  Live support is provided during normal business hours while online support is available 24 x 7.

Standard Features

 Feature  Description
 Business Domain  A unique URL that represents your practice
 Content Management System  Allows for manual changes to your veterinary  website and content
 Hosted Custom Website  99.99% guaranteed up-time, 5 pages of content
 Hosted Email Server  Unlimited email addresses at your domain
 Blog Tool  Industry standard Blogging tool
 Google Analytics Setup  Allows for tracking the success of your site
 Google+ Setup  Be found on the internet in mapping applications
 Google Maps Integration  Use your new Google + Local in your website
 SEO Optimization  10 keywords (Industry High)
 Directory Listing Service  Get NAP back links from around the Internet
 Custom Graphic and Logo  Present yourself in a professional light
 Responsive Design  Your presence consistent on Mobile and Tablet devices
 Email Marketing  2000 contacts for newsletters, email blasts
 Online Appointment Request  Plugs directly into your Calendar
 Social Networks Integration  Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more!
 Support and Training  Unlimited online and phone support and training

Custom Features

If you need something more than what is provided in the Standard Features list, anything is possible with our professional services team.  Just ask for a free quote.  Using the most cost effective engineering and design teams, we will ensure you have what you need including integration into 3rd party services, API integration, and comprehensive testing and deployment.


Read about additional options available for your site.  Some are included, and some have a one time setup charge.