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50 gets 297

$50 gets you $297

in Google adwords PPC advertising and Ad Service

Would you pay $33 for a new client?
No advertising service fee for 30 days!

Guaranteed 2 new clients for your practice!

Typical results are 100% ROI (Return on Investment) in the first month, up to 300% ROI in 3 months. 300% ROI means if you put $100 in your ad budget, you get 3 new patients. How many new patients would you like?

We specialize in Veterinary Advertising, and our results are typically better than this.

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Terms of the offer: The total offer is $50 gets you $297 in advertising and service.  You pay $50 and get $200 in Google Adwords Advertising AND one (1) month free advertising service ($97 value).  After 2 weeks, and at the end of the 30 days, we will have an advertising meeting to evaluate the success of your advertising campaign. If you choose to continue with the service you will be charged a monthly service fee of $97 to manage your advertising.  We will determine the right advertising budget for your practice.  Ad budget recommendation is between $200 and $500 per month depending on the competition in your local area.  One offer per veterinary practice.