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These are some of the website options offered as part of your Business Class Service.  If there is an option here you are interested in, and it is not listed, contact us.  It may be available.

3rd Party services

Any 3rd party, such as DemandForce or an online store, can be easily integrated into your website.  We use industry standard web publishing techniques allowing easy integration into 3rd party services.


Post upcoming events on your website so your current and future clients know what is going on at the business.  Allow your clients to subscribe to your calendar so they have your events in their electronic calendar all the time.

Facebook Integration

Facebook likes on every page, in every blog post gets published to your Facebook.  This makes your website the source for your social media publishing.


Forms allow you to capture information from your website directly, with the result sent to you via email.  Contact requests, information requests, and order requests are just a few examples of what forms can provide you.

Google Analytics

See how well your site is doing at any time.  Google Analytics are included as part of your dashboard so you always know how popular your website is.


Keep your website alive and fresh with content with our easy to use Blog tool.  Publish a page at any time; past, present or future.  Maintain a history of all your Blog posts in your own Archive, managed automatically.

Add On Options

The following options are available for a one time charge.  Contact us for a quote.


Make your site available in more than one language.  Provide a Spanish version of your website for your Spanish speaking clientele.  This increases the likelihood they will do business with you.


Have more than one office?  Our Multi-Domain option allows you to have multiple sub-domains point to the same website, with a different address for each office.  For example:

Each domain can have a different landing page, and any other unique page, appear for the person landing on that home page.

Custom Development

Let your imagination define your vision.  We can accommodate any web design desire.  Contact us for a free quote.

Website design and development:

  • Web Programming
  • Layout and User Interface Design
  • Multimedia Production
  • Flash Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Graphic & Logo Design
  • Multiple Language Websites
  • Multiple Local Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Custom API development