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Monthly Archives: September 2016

What World Rabies Day Means To Your Pet

When rabies pops in your head you are probably thinking of a ferocious dog foaming at the mouth. While the drool, the frothing mouth, and the angry disposition are an accurate representation of a typical case of rabies, there is more to rabies that you should definitely know. Rabies is something you DON’T want your…
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Do Dogs Dream?

There is no reason to believe that dogs do not dream, although it is not ascertained scientifically. There are certain behaviors associated with dogs when they are either asleep or fully awake. These include whining, tail wagging, leg paddling, and twitching noses. These activities definitely arouse curiosity about the idea of dogs’ dreams. Current information…
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10 Tips To Being A Responsible Pet Owner

What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner? I’m sure if you asked fifty people, you would get fifty different answers, but the overall outlook would be roughly the same. We want nothing but the best for our fur babies…even if that means restricting them from table scraps, limiting their toys, etc. Here…
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6 Tips For A Happy & Healthier Cat

It’s Happy Healthy cat Month and there are many things we as pet owners can do to assure our best friends are happy and healthy.  As a veterinarian, pet owners often ask us what they should be doing in order to help keep their pets healthy. To help others with similar concerns what follows are…
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