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Monthly Archives: August 2016

5 Labor Day Tips for Pets

It’s not just humans who love the summer. Our pets love the summer just as much as we do. Our dogs love to bask in the sun as much as swimming, running or just enjoying a nap in the yard with the family. There are some tips to make sure your Memorial Day doesn’t get out…
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National Dog Day – Obedience 101

As pet owners, we’ve always celebrated our pet’s birthday. National Dog Day is no different. We go to the local pet store and pick up some toys and healthy treats and spend extra attention on them. After all, they deserve it! National Dog Day is a good day to dust off some old tricks that you and your canine…
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Honoring International Assistance Dog Day

A service or special assistance dog is specially trained to assist humans with disabilities. They are many of people’s eyes and ears, assisting with sight or hearing. But there is more to just sight and hearing.  Many service dogs help companions cope with various mental conditions like post-traumatic stress syndrome and autism. Service dogs might…
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International Cat Day – Learning About Your Cat

For International Cat Day we want to talk about learning about your cat. We all know that cats dance to the beat of their own drum. They are independent and don’t need human interaction with the exception of food and a 15 second head scratch. Anything more than 15 seconds and you’ll get bit! Kidding aside, we're going…
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