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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Adopt a Mutt on Mutt’s Day!

Adopt a Mutt on Mutt’s Day! July 31st is Mutt’s Day, where we celebrate our adorable mixed breed buddies. Have you been thinking about getting another dog or adopting your first? Adopt a mutt - the best of all worlds! When its time to get a dog, every potential owner ask this question… “Should I…
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National Lost Pet Prevention Month

What You Can Do To Keep Your Pet Safe July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month and the thought of losing our beloved pets is unbearable for most. We love them and want to make sure we are doing everything we can as responsible pet parents to ensure they are healthy, happy and SAFE! There…
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How To Prevent a Pet Related Fire

How to Prevent a Pet Related Fire Every year home fires affect an estimated 500,000 pets. Surprisingly, pets start about 1,000 of those fires. While it may be hard to believe that our beloved pets can be the culprit in such situation, taking simple measures to prevent such accidents are fairly easy and should be…
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Heat Stroke & Your Cat

Heat Stroke and Your Cat We are in the height of the summer, and don’t let it slip your mind that your cats can be affected by the heat just like dogs can be. During the hottest days of the year make certain to keep your feline friend in mind and comfortable this summer. Every…
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