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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why Does My Dog Lick So Much?

You’ve might have wondered why your pooch just loves licking so much, especially your face. When you get home, when you’re sleeping, whenever is a good time. They are there to greet you, tongues and all. But why do they love to lick? Here are a few reasons: To Show affection To help heal their…
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Should I Neuter My Puppy?

Are you aware of the main reasons to neuter a puppy? There are a lot of pet owners out there that opt to get their pup neutered. Many believe it is important for reducing the pet overpopulation. It also helps prevent aggression in dogs because Neutered dogs tend to be less aggressive and less defensive.…
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Valentines Day Safety Tips For Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is almost here and though most people don’t think of safety tips for their pets on this love filled holiday, here are three important tips to keep your furry ones safe. Keep your pet away from Chocolate and Sweets - You should know that chocolate, sweets and pets don’t mix. Don’t leave sweets…
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National Pet Dental Health Month and Your Pet

It’s National Pet Dental Health Month and though we should always take good care of our beloved one’s teeth and gums, this month is dedicated to addressing the significance of oral care for our pets year round. First of all, it’s important to brush your pet’s teeth. Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition…
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