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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Pet Care Tips for The Winter

Winter is here, and that always brings pet hazards. Beware of these problems to ensure your pets are happy and healthy until things warm up again. Keep Pets Warm Make sure your dogs have shelter and an area to stay dry and out of the cold and wind. Indoors is the best, but unfortunately not…
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Correcting Unwanted Dog Behavior

Behavior - In The Beginning When getting a dog, every owner imagines the companionship, trips to the park, long walks, and unconditional love. What they don’t expect is an aggressive barker that runs away. A dog that would rather rip the couch apart than snuggle, or a fur friend that would rather dig up your…
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Be Prepared For An Pet Emergency With These Tips

If you suspect your pet has consumed or been exposed to any toxic substances or think that you are having an emergency, the first step would be to immediately contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center [888-426-4435*] immediately. A fee may apply. Here are some tips, links and emergency phone numbers that…
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Cats, Cars and Safety in Cold Weather

Cats seek warmth wherever they can, especially during the cold winter months. One particularly irresistible place for our furry friends is the cozy confines of a warm car engine. Unfortunately,that might not be the most ideal place for them when the car is started, causing injury or death. Help keep our feline friends safe this…
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